Green Virtual Solutions

Innovative ideas for a changing world.

Green Virtual Solutions aspires to be the company our clients identify as their technology business partner that helps provide value to customers and facilitates user’s lives.

We want to be the company that not only achieves important ecological benefits, but also brings innovative and creative ideas to an ever-changing market, resulting in practical; functional and useful service development that will change the coupon industry.

Green Virtual Solutions designed, developed, and patented an in-store advertising and coupon system: Savvy Penny™. Our system optimizes the traditional methods in which paper and electronic coupons are produced, distributed, redeemed and processed.

A powerful high-end solution with amazing capabilities for expanded brand exposure, end user interaction, and promotion, to help advertisers, retailers and manufacturers in effectively reaching consumers in an efficient and targeted way by providing them with an enhanced in-store shopping experience that will ultimately boost coupon consumption and redemption.

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